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Aran knit sweaters. Tweed caps and jackets. Irish textiles are all about texture, texture you can see and feel. The Celtic Weave collection captures that deeply Irish sense of texture in silver rings, pendants and earrings. The lines are inspired by the shape of waves, the way the wind moves the tall grass in a field, the horizon of rolling fields. The Irish landscape is reflected in our textiles and now in this distinctive collection of Celtic Weave jewelry. Wear that rich, touchable texture in silver jewelry that works as well with jeans as it does with your favorite little black dress. Understated yet unmissable, this line of Celtic jewelry really is for every day, every single day of the year.

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Timeless Jewelry

The Celtic Weave collection of necklaces, rings and earrings features textured silver that reflects the grey stone of Neolithic monuments such as Newgrange and the complex texture of Ireland’s distinctive textiles such as Aran knit sweaters, tweed caps and jackets and elegant lace edging on linens. This line of Irish jewelry reflects so much of our heritage in one simple, earthy design, and it combines well with other Celtic motifs.

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