Ocean Jewelry Collection

Ireland shines green in the sparkling sea, and the ocean has shaped us. From the endless horizon of the Atlantic seen from Galway Bay to the dolphins spotted off Dingle to the salt air in east Dublin from the Irish Sea, we cannot forget we are an island. Ireland draws strength and beauty from the ocean. This silver sea Swarovski jewelry features appealing aquatic creatures such as a dolphin crystal pendant. Adorned with sparkling stones and shimmering pearls, the Ocean collection takes Ireland’s marine traditions to a new level of beauty.

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Treasures of the Sea

What is beneath the deep blue and sparkling waves of the sea? An ocean of beauty. Buried treasure. Dive in and see what catches your eye. Fancy a turtle Swarovski necklace? The land might have forty shades of green, but the that’s only the start. Beneath the waves is a landscape of soft, cool colors and intriguing shapes rendered in soft focus by the always moving water. The light filters through, and illuminates another side of Irish design.

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