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Contemporary Swarovski jewelry meets intricate, elegant modern Irish design. Ireland has been known for leading the way in beautiful design since our ancient ancestors carved the swirls and spirals into Newgrange. Today, Irish style includes fashionable crystal pendants that sparkle with timeless style. Dramatic lines and dazzling gemstones make a look that will get second looks. Inspired by the rolling fields and dramatic cliffs that make this island, Signature 925 takes Irish jewelry to the next level. Round out your collection of fashion Swarovski necklaces with something with an Irish touch.

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Timeless Jewelry

Irish jewelry isn’t all shamrocks. It’s also sparkle and magic and contemporary Swarovski jewelry with a very modern look. Take your roots and stretch them to new interpretations of our landscape alive with charm. When the sun rises, the dew on the soft, rolling fields shimmers like the dazzling Swarovski crystals used in the Signature 925 collection. The light catches on each ripple in the River Shannon as it winds across Ireland. Wear that same sparkling light with these pieces.

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