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Gold Vermeil FAQ's

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In this quick FAQ section, we address the main questions we often get about Gold Vermeil: What is Gold Vermeil? Are Vermeil and Gold Plated the same thing? Which one is better? Will my gold vermeil Jewelry Wear off? Read through and learn everything there’s to know about this affordable luxury.

What is Gold Vermeil?

Vermeil (pronounced vehr-may) is a term used to describe high-quality silver jewelry coated with a thicker layer of gold. The term vermeil is regulated, and to be classified as Gold Vermeil, the jewelry must have Sterling Silver as its base metal and be plated with 10k gold (or above) at least 2.5 microns thick.

In other words, vermeil refers to sterling silver jewelry plated with a thick layer of at least 10K (more gold content) pure gold. Gold Vermeil is of higher quality than the other plated jewelry. That is to say, it lasts longer without adding a dent in your wallet.


What is Gold Vermeil - ShanOre Irish Jewelry

SHANORE’S GOLD VERMEIL CELTIC JEWELRY At ShanOre all our gold vermeil jewelry receives a layer of 14k real gold. After the manufacturing process, our pieces pass through a thorough examination from the Irish assay office. This ensures you are buying a genuine product made from precious metals

Which is better, gold plated or vermeil?

Quality and affordability make Gold Vermeil superior to gold-plated or gold-filled jewelry. Gold-plated jewelry has a gold layer at least five times thinner than vermeil. Such a thin layer wears off quickly, while vermeil lasts longer. Not only that, but fairly often, a gold-plated piece has brass and copper as its base metal. Vermeil, on the other hand, has a solid base of sterling silver.

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Will gold vermeil wear off?

Precious materials and quality manufacturing make Gold vermeil more durable and wear-resistant than other gold-plated jewelry. With the proper care, it can last for years to come. But please keep in mind, due to its nature, it can eventually wear off. In such scenarios, you can always contract a replating service from a local jeweler.

How to make my Gold Vermeil Jewelry last longer?

When showering, swimming, washing your hands, or working out, remember to remove your jewelry. That is because water and other chemicals can reduce the lifespan of the gold layer that coats your piece of jewelry. Take special care of your rings, as it suffers more from wear and tear.

When getting ready, always wear your jewelry last. Some products such as makeup, perfume, and lotions can reduce the brilliance of your jewel. Store the jewelry in a clean jewelry box, away from other pointy pieces, and this will ensure that your jewelry lasts a long time.

How to Care for Gold Vermeil - ShanOre Irish Jewelry

How to clean my Gold Vermeil Jewelry?

To clean your Vermeil Jewelry, use a dry 100% cotton cloth and gently buff the piece. Please make sure not to scratch your jewelry or use polishing agents during the process. Remember: never use jewelry cleaner on your vermeil jewelry.

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