Ocean jewelry store: turtles, dolphins, mermaids & more

Ocean Jewelry Store by Shanore

Surrounded by water, the depth, romance and mystery of the ocean is intimately known to the Irish. It’s in our souls. We know you resonate with these qualities too, wherever you are. Take home the magic of the ocean with pieces from our sparkling Ocean collections so you keep its spirit with you always.

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Make the Ocean part of you

The ocean and its treasures are full of symbolism, hope and joy. Express your individuality by wearing your favourites—pieces that show what you stand for. Find charming turtles, playful dolphins, mermaids and more, all made with exquisite materials that retain their gleam for generations.

Ocean Jewelry by Shanore

Crafted with love, care and precision

Though our family business is based in Ireland, we feel a deep, heartfelt connection to our large family of diaspora in the US. Your response to our ocean designs has been overwhelming and it means everything to us. It strengthens our resolve to continue to produce designs that capture your heart and keep you in touch with the ocean’s tranquility.

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Ocean by Shanore - Ethics and Standards

Ethics and Standards

You look to the ocean for its purity, freshness and optimism, and we share your sentiments. We’re committed to sourcing only the finest quality materials for all our pieces. Our silver and gold are hallmarked by the Dublin Assay Office, indicating purity, and our Swarovski ®crystals are responsibly sourced

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Just like you, we’re passionate about the sea

During tough times, the Irish relied on the generous water surrounding our island for survival and support. It’s precious, and its indigenous life needs to be preserved. Each time you buy a piece of Ocean jewelry, you support SeaTurtles.org to ensure the survival of 5 baby turtles. SeaTurtles work to remove these legendary creatures from endangerment by saving egg-laying mothers and their eggs.

we’re passionate about the sea

Inspired by the ocean, created for you

Discover our wide selection of beautiful, expressive pieces to find which is right for you. We’re sure you’ll find something special, sentimental and meaningful, that helps you to carry the spirit of the ocean and its creatures with you always.

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