10 Karat Diamond Set Shamrock Pendant
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10 Karat Diamond Set Shamrock Pendant

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Sale Price Only While Stock Lasts LimitedAvailability.Magnificently hand-crafted by the ShanOre creative team in 10 karat gold this pendant has come only recently to the gold collection. A row of shamrocks with dazzling diamond-filled leaves lends the design a ceremonial feel. Tiny silvery rounds march down either side of the central clovers in celebration of their elegance. This piece proves that with a few fresh touches a traditional style can transform into a modern masterpiece.

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1.3 grams


18 mm


7 mm

Main Stone

Main Stone Shape


Number of Stones


Main Stone Dimensions

.05 mm

Diamond Carat


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Diamond Clarity


Optional Chain

18" 10ct Gold Cable Chain

Chain Catch

Bolt Ring Catch

Shamrock Superstition

The term shamrock comes from the Irish word “seamr’g” which is a version of the Irish word for “little clover. But these little triple-lobed clovers have had and still do have big impact. Their most common fame stems from their role in helping St. Patrick to teach pagans the three-fold concept of the Holy Trinity back in the 5th century. In the late 1700s the shamrock was a symbol of rebellion worn by the Irish regiments to show solidarity against the English crown. Today the national airline of Ireland Aer Lingus features a shamrock as an emblem on their aircrafts. Shamrocks are also the only remedy for reversing the tricky spells of leprechauns.

Three-Spirited and Worldly

As whimsical as the legends of the shamrock may seem these plants can possess deeper more spiritual meanings to those who wear them. The woman who finds herself romanced by this spectacular pendant not only appreciates the upscale addition to her accessory collection but also likes to attribute her own significance to the triad of leaves in each clover. Perhaps with this pendant she acknowledges the three people in her immediate family or three children or three fulfilling interests or three guiding virtues in her life. Perhaps she respects the religious association with the clover and regards each lobe as representative of either the Father Son or Holy Spirit. No matter her reasoning for wearing the shamrocks however this piece of jewelry designates the owner as a refined and worldly person.

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