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10 Karat Gold Claddagh Earrings

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1.2 grams


15 mm


14 mm


10Kt Yellow Gold

Traditionally the Claddagh motif is found in ring form. However rings are often impractical in this day and age. Maybe the rings don’t match. Maybe you don’t have room. Maybe you worry about losing your rings. Whatever the reason there is no reason to go without this beloved symbol in your jewelry collection.

The Claddagh’s endurance as a beloved symbol comes from the meaning of it’s parts. With the hands representing friendship the crown loyalty and the heart romantic love- this motif is a perfect representation of everything necessary in a relationship.

Shanore’s Creative Team have put their heads together and brought forth these delightful pair of earrings. Part of the Claddagh Ring’s original charm was their simplicity of symbols. These earrings carry the same simplicity of imagery as the original ring but more finely detailed. The cuffs of the familiar hands are delicately etched and the crown above the the central heart is well detailed. The arms curve up to form an arch over the trinity of symbols and thus form the top of the earring. These truly are a lovely reimagining of the Claddagh Ring.

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