10K Gold Stone Set Trinity Celtic Cross

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Trinity Knot Celtic Cross. A gorgeous 10kt gold cross is emblazoned with Trinity Knot details. Wear this stunning 10kt gold Celtic cross as a testament of your faith. Let its clarifying white crystals and significant Trinity Knot symbolism bring you guidance and support.

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10K Gold Stone Set Trinity Celtic Cross 10P655
This item: 10K Gold Stone Set Trinity Celtic Cross

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About this piece

Casting light and elegance on the design are sparkling white crystals set in a 10kt gold halo. Delicate details and traditional elements combine for a bold and beautiful keepsake piece.
The Trinity Knot is a familiar emblem of Celtic culture. The design features three points which are created from a single intersecting unbroken line. Each of the points is meant to suggest a separate but related idea. The Father The Son and The Holy Spirit are the most traditional interpretations. The wearer may also wish the three points of the Trinity Knot to symbolize the all-encompassing earthly elements of land sea and sky or the everlasting pattern of time past present and future. White crystals set in the halo figure inspire purity clarity and truth. The sparkling additions illuminate the details of the gold cross and inspire positive energy in the wearer.