5 Stone Trinity Knot Mothers Pendant



To begin with, this sterling silver necklace has five crowned hearts and two sparkling trinity knots. The hearts shine with custom-colored stones. Next to them, silver hands form the pendant edges and link to chains on either side.

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Select the birthstone that represents the month of your loved one’s birth, each stone can be personalized according to your choice of birthstone.

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5.9 grams






18" Inches


Main Stone

Main Stone Dimensions

5mm x 5mm

Main Stone Shape


Other Stones

Swarovski White Crystals

Warmth and togetherness

The Five Stone Trinity Knot Mother’s Pendant Necklace is Celtic jewelry meant for the mother of four kids. It combines five crowned hearts interspersed by two Celtic trinity knots on a double hook pendant. The three-pointed knots signify the mother’s Goddess qualities. Correspondingly, the crowned hearts represent love and loyalty in the family. Also, the central heart depicts the mother. The remaining ones, her children. What’s more, each of the hearts can be personalized to match individual birthstones. Certainly, this exquisite necklace is a wonderful gift for a mother of four.

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