5 Stone Trinity Knot Mothers Pendant | Design by ShanOre

5 Stone Trinity Knot Mothers Pendant



This elegant Mother’s pendant features two brilliant Trinity Knot spacers fashioned from white crystals and five custom birthstone crystals set in heart-shaped sterling silver.

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Each heart is set beneath a sterling silver crown and framed by two clasped hands all crafted with fine detail. Trinity Knot Mother’s PendantThe five stone Trinity Knot Mother’s Pendant is a beautiful and creative way to showcase the love and pride you have for your children and grandchildren. Each heart features a specific sparkling birthstone to represent each special individual. Inspired by the traditional Celtic Claddagh this Mother’s Pendant holds both meaning and beauty with heart hands and crown features to represent love friendship and devotion. Two Trinity Knot spacers are at the center of the design shining brilliantly in white crystals.The Trinity Knot detail adds extra special meaning and charm to this precious keepsake. Crafted from a singular unbroken line to form three separate points. Traditionally the three points are to represent The Holy Spirit but can also signify past present and future.

Honor and Pride


The Trinity Knot Mother’s Pendant is a brilliant way to wear the honor and pride you have for your five treasured loved ones close to your heart. This customizable piece makes a thoughtful and stunning keepsake for mother and grandmother alike. It makes a heartfelt gift for yourself or to someone you love.

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