Celtic Diamond Set Shamrock Dangle Bead | Irish Jewelry by Shanore

Celtic Diamond Set Shamrock Dangle Bead

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The Tara’s Diary Collection has produced yet another delightful charm for your latest project an adorable shamrock Crafted from sterling silver this bead depicts Ireland’s most famous symbol. The smooth finish of the silver translating well into the Shamrock’s three leaves. But rather than worry about becoming bored from the glossy texture the cusp of the charm is decorated with a delightfully textured pattern to catch the light and provide extra interest to the viewer.

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Luck of the Irish

The shamrock named after the Gaelic for the little clover is a national symbol of Ireland. It first came into prominence with St. Patrick who used the three leaves of the Shamrock to explain the relation of the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost. Since that time it has appeared in family crests coins songs and maps. Over time the idea of the three leafed clover has come to signify good luck to the owner.

A Bit O’ Luck

At Hand With this charm at your wrist or around your neck you are sure to find luck where ever you go Fun practical and interesting this charm is sure to bring you conversation and fortune

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