Celtic Silver Bead

Celtic Silver Bead



This classic Celtic silver bead from our Taras Diary collection is an essential addition to any collection of stunning beads. The rustic look of the design recalls in the mind strong and sturdy ropes. Absent from color this simple and elegant bead shows the strength and endurance of Celtic culture.

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0.43 inch


3.8 grams

Handcrafted with Care

Each and every piece presented by our Taras Diary collection is made with a high level of attention and care. The every curve of the entwined loops was designed in the mind of a designer and produced with the beauty found in artisan hands. The constancy of quality is seen throughout Taras Diary collection but the handcrafted care gives each piece a unique look.

Mixing and Matching

Taras Diary offers a wide range of beads such as this Celtic silver bead as well as a number of interesting necklaces. This simple bead can stand alone being a stunning representation of grace and humble intuition. But the allowance to mix and match multiple colorful beads and necklaces gives the wearer the freedom to explore different styles.

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