Celtic Stone Set Trinity Knot Silver Cross | Design by ShanOre

Celtic Stone Set Trinity Knot Silver Cross



This gorgeous sterling silver necklace features a smaller more delicate version of our Celtic cross adorned with trinity knots and decorative stone inlaid in the ring surrounding the intersection of the stem and arms of the cross.

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Symbol of Faith

An ancient and beautiful work of art the Celtic cross has held its place in history for centuries as a prominent symbol of Celtic tradition and faith. The origins of this tradition symbol are debated many claiming St. Patrick placed the cross over a circular symbol representing Druid beliefs while others claim it to be a halo representing the pureness of Christ on the cross. The Trinity Knots complements this belief by standing for the Holy Trinity in Celtic Faith. In modern times both the Celtic cross and Trinity Knots represent the unique culture of the Celtic people.

Perfect Accessory

Carry a piece of culture with you everywhere you go with pendant which goes beautifully with almost any outfit. This charming carved pendant will look exquisite when worn with a soft blouse or when paired with any one of Shanores dazzling Celtic sterling silver earrings.

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