Celtic Trinity Diamond & Emerald Silver Cross Necklace | by ShanOre

Celtic Trinity Diamond & Emerald Silver Cross Necklace



ShanOre’s award-winning creative team has renewed the symbol of the Celtic cross in riveting contemporary styles. This pendant brings to shining life the early tradition of combining the cross with a circle but adds current-day sophistication with tiny diamonds an emerald stone embraced by a golden rim and sterling silver arms in the shape of Trinity knots.

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3.1 grams

Diamond Carat


Main Stone

Main Stone Dimensions

2 mm

The Celtic Cross and the Trinity Knot

To this day visitors to Ireland can find Celtic crosses in the form of standing stone monuments. The practice of erecting these landmarks began before the 8th century and re-surged in importance come the mid 19th century during the Celtic Revival. Some legends assert that in the 400’s St. Patrick lay a cross the emblem of Christianity over a circle a representation of the sun or the moon to teach pagans the prominence of Gods influence over any scientific practice. A modern-day Irish Catholic priest might interpret the circle as indicative of Gods never-ending love as performed by Christs sacrifice on the cross. Similarly the three-cornered Trinity knot often reminds people of the individual but entwined components of the Holy Trinity the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit. In the case that a gentleman of modern-day Ireland gives his beloved a token that includes this knot as decoration he is most likely suggesting that he wants to love honor and protect her.

Strongly Rooted

This pendant elevates the origin of Celtic crosses into the limelight once again and into a dignified one at that. The owner of this piece feels inspired by the idea of creating revolutionary ideas and causes out of ordinary circumstances. She also might feel especially tied to the religious beginnings of Ireland perhaps her upbringing has included a strong faith passed on through multiple generations. If her significant other offers her this pendant she knows that he considers their relationship a well-rooted institution on which they can both depend and one that he reveres and holds dear. If she purchases this gift for herself she acknowledges the richness of her own values.

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