Celtic Trinity Knot Cross Embellished With Swarovski



This showstopper necklace features a Celtic cross pendant fashioned in Sterling Silver encrusted with Swarovski Crystals. Brilliant white crystals adorn the arms of the cross and the halo ring around the intersecting lines. A beaming white singular crystal shines in the center. Trinity Knot details are featured on each arm of the cross.

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3.9 grams

Main Stone

Other Stones

Swarovski White Crystals

Main Stone Dimensions

2.5 mm

Main Stone Shape


Other Stone Dimensions


Chain Included

18" Sterling Silver Belcher

Chain Catch

Bolt Ring Catch

Trinity Knot and Celtic Cross

The Celtic cross is the image of a traditional cross with a ring wrapping through the intersecting lines. While it honors the Power of Three and The Holy Trinity it also is believed to derive from sun worship as the halo represents a beam of ethereal lights surrounding the cross figure. In addition to its Christian origins the ring framing the cross’s points of contact is also a means of support. This supportive halo represents the strength garnered through the power of The Cross and The Holy Trinity.The Trinity Knot also a symbol of strength through all eternity is represented by a single unbroken line intertwined within itself to form three pointed ends. These three points not only create a stunning detailed image but also portray the rich Celtic history of Christian and Pagan ideals. From past present and future to The Father Son and The Holy Spirit the Trinity Knot holds much meaning.


Whether gifted to oneself or to a loved one this beautiful piece is a definitively striking keepsake.