Celtic Trinity Knot Diamond & Emerald Cross | Design by ShanOre

Celtic Trinity Knot Diamond & Emerald Cross



This is a beautiful representation of the Celtic Cross. Nearly three centimeters long just over an inch it is both discreet and rich in detail. Four diamonds and five emeralds are set in a miniature cross in the center. The lower arm of the cross is decorated with a gold triquetra. A gold ring or halo surrounds the center of the cross.

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The cross symbolizes many things to different people. The forgiveness that is possible when one learns to trust in God and then to forgive oneself. The cross stands for the ultimate sacrifice made so that the entire world would be forgiven. On this cross the triquetra stands for the Holy Trinity.

For the One Who Wears it

This cross is not only a beautiful piece of art it is a reminder of where one would place one’s faith. At a time in history when many lives are being torn and misused faith is very important. Faith in what lies beyond can be life affirming.

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