Celtic Trinity Knot Earrings

Celtic Trinity Knot Earrings

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This sterling silver earring set encases a brilliantly green emerald in the historical trinity knot. The sleek silver loops encase each other in the representation of strength. Throughout centuries Celtic artists have used the trinity knot to impress the importance and equality of love friendship and spirituality in life.

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Main Stone

Main Stone Dimensions

2.5mm x 2.5mm

Main Stone Shape


The Creative Process

With the heavy weight of pure silver distributed throughout the piece the quality of the hand-made jewelry is unmatched. And with the spark of a deep green jewel the set is an elegant and unique distinction from the basic trinity knot.

The Finishing Touch

Perfect for outfits both casual and classy this set can be paired with gorgeous evening gowns or accompany a simple dress. With the familiar history of the knot the set offers any ensemble the addition of style and ancient history. With the glistening jewel swimming in symmetrical polished silver this set is a classic template with a contemporary twist.

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