Claddagh Birthstone February Pendant Adorned With Swarovski Crystal

Claddagh Birthstone February Pendant Adorned With Swarovski Crystal



Shanore Ireland’s striking sterling silver Celtic Claddagh pendant is set with fine detail and sparkling white crystals from Swarovski.

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About this piece

At the center of the design rests a stunning Swarovski crystal Amethyst.

Claddagh and Amethyst

White crystals embedded in the sterling silver suggest purity clarity and true beauty. Each of the crystals is artfully arranged to frame a solitary Amethyst crystal. The rich amethyst color is known to invoke healing properties and offer protection to the wearer. Amethyst’s beautiful color is matched only by its incredible ability to inspire balance creativity and open communication. This February birthstone adds elegance to a classic Celtic symbol.A Celtic Claddagh is a traditional symbol of Celtic culture made of three parts hands heart and a crown. The hands join together in friendship the heart signifies love and the crown that rests upon the design is for loyalty


Sterling silver and elegant crystals make this piece easy to wear for all occasions.Treasure this keepsake for your own collection or gift it to another who may appreciate the beauty of the Amethyst and Claddagh.

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