Claddagh Birthstone July Pendant Adorned With Swarovski Crystal

Claddagh Birthstone July Pendant Adorned With Swarovski Crystal



A striking sterling silver Celtic claddagh is embellished with sparkling white crystals and a stunning solitary Ruby colored crystal all from Swarovski.

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About this piece

Shanore Ireland’s careful craftsmanship and artful design are on full display with intricacy in the hands heart and crown of the figure.

Celtic Claddagh and Ruby Crystals

Ruby is a magnificent and richly colored red gemstone. This July birthstone is known to invoke protection and emit properties of love and vitality. Its brilliant hue suggests confidence strength and overall well-being. The powerful energies of ruby are a bold addition in color and symbolism to the Celtic claddagh pendant. The claddagh features three important figures in its design. Joined hands are for friendship a heart is for love and the crown is meant to indicate loyalty. Embellishing these three powerful pieces is an arc of white crystals. Each white crystal suggests purity clarity and true beauty. These elegant additions encircle the claddagh in a most beautiful frame.

Inspirational Keepsake

Treasure this keepsake as your own or share it with a most deserving friend or loved one who may appreciate the powerful energies and inspirational properties of the stunning ruby gemstone. Let the traditional Celtic claddagh guide you and inspire you through the artful construction of Shanore Ireland.

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