Claddagh Birthstone Ring June: Alexandrite

Claddagh Birthstone Ring June: Alexandrite



The smooth silver circle of this Claddagh ring is certain to capture a viewer’s curiosity. Designed to sparkle fetchingly from a finger this ring contains a personalized gemstone for the month of June. Two stylish CZ stones add a priceless detail to the hand’s cuffs. The slick silver of this piece brings a touch of the modern to the traditional Irish Claddagh symbol.

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2.5 grams

Other Stones

Cubic Zirconia

Main Stone Dimensions

5mm x 5mm

Main Stone Shape


Other Stone Dimensions

2mm x 2mm

Founded in Tradition

The Claddagh was traditionally designed to be a ring serving to represent the unending circle of a lasting relationship. This charm is circular in nature to maintain that eternal feeling. The three parts of the Claddagh are hands crown and heart. The hands represent friendship the crown loyalty and the heart love. Together these three components symbolize the qualities necessary for lasting devotion.

A Modern Twist

The clean lines of this piece are perfectly suited to a woman whose style blends the traditional and the modern. Whether paired with a sharp business suit or a crisp modern dress this Claddagh will add a perfect hint of Ireland to the everyday grind.

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