Claddagh Birthstone September Pendant Adorned With Swarovski Crystal



Stunning sterling silver Celtic claddagh pendant is adorned with brilliant Sapphire blue crystal from Swarovski. The hands heart and crown of the claddagh are crafted with exquisite detail. The piece also features an arc of sparkling white crystals from Swarovksi.

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Claddagh Birthstone Ring September





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Sapphire and Claddagh

The traditional Celtic claddagh is accentuated in its beauty with crystal embellishments a brilliant sapphire blue hue and elegantly modern craftsmanship. A claddagh is designed with a heart two joining hands and a crown. The heart is meant to represent love the hands for friendship and the crown for loyalty. Each meaningful part of the symbol makes an incredibly powerful design. Sapphire a rich blue colored crystal is the birthstone of September. This dazzling crystal evokes powerful energies of good fortune confidence and wisdom. It is said to draw celestial properties for healing and creative fuel. This stimulating Swarovski crystal embodies the loving nature of the wearer and emits positive vibes to the wearer and those who behold it. Each white crystal in the piece accentuates the intensity of the design as symbols of purity clarity and truth.

Daily Inspiration

Let the powerful energies of Shanore Ireland’s sterling silver Claddagh with white crystals and brilliant Sapphire crystal inspire you daily. The thoughtful construction make the pendant easy to wear day or night and for all occasions. The smart design of the sterling silver and exceptional embellishments create a truly special keepsake for you or a most deserving loved one.