Claddagh Celtic Design 14K Gold Wedding Ring | Bridal Jewelry

Claddagh Celtic Design 14K Gold Wedding Ring



Three individual 14 Karat gold bands are dramatically drawn together in a graceful statement of harmony and fulfillment. This emblematic ring displays everlasting love through striking design of Claddagh and Celtic with a brilliant white gold center band surrounded by two yellow gold bands. It is part of the Coleen white gold collection and has a reversed twin in the Coleen yellow gold collection.

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8.5 grams

Love &amp Loyalty

The Claddagh symbol embodies the key elements of a successful marriage. Two hands represent the joining of two individuals in friendship coming together to hold a heart representing love which is adorned by a crown for loyalty. Celtic knots flank the space between and denote both that love that has no end and of the eternal nature of life.


A gentleman who wears this ring understands the importance of building a strong foundation to ensure a lasting marriage and draws strength from Celtic values and tradition. Seeing the ring upon your finger will be a constant reminder to your new bride of the loving commitment the two of you have made together.

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