Claddagh celtic solitaire Mount Only 14k yellow and white gold ring round

Claddagh celtic solitaire Mount Only 14k yellow and white gold ring round cut

SKU: BR2 RD Mount Only


New to the ShanOre engagement collection this exquisite 14 karat gold ring is ready to accommodate the perfect round-cut diamond chosen by a gentleman for his intended bride. Hands cradling a crowned heart the symbol of the Claddagh alternate with the three-cornered shape of the Trinity knot all the way around the band. A beaded trim contributes to the rings regal look. In looking more closely one discovers two more hands embedded in the sides of the band that reach toward the mount imitating the Claddagh design the engagement jewel standing in for the crowned heart. This ring is also available in 14 karat white gold and when ordering the purchaser should specify the dimensions of the stone he plans to add.

Please note:  That this is the mount for the ring only. The stone is not included.

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4.5 grams

The Tale of the Claddagh and the Plot of the Knot

The Claddagh symbol which Irish legend claims dates back to the 17th century recognizes the affection between two individuals the hands represent friendship the heart love and the crown faithfulness. Worn with the bottom of the heart pointed outward the ring signals that the wearer is searching for a relationship. Worn with the bottom of the ring pointed toward the wearers heart the ring sends the message that the wearer has already found love. The Trinity knot finds its roots in Irelands religious history. Typically the three corners of the knot epitomize the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Christian Trinity three individual forces that intertwine to form an even greater power. Today the three corners may embody any threefold meaning important to the person who dons the designfor example Maiden Mother and Crone life death and rebirth or earth air and water.

The Allure of Long Ago

The lady whose beloved gives her this ring as a promise of his betrothal feels like a queen. The romance of distant lands and of eras ruled by chivalry entices her. She adores the painstaking detail and hidden treasures in the band as well as the most recognizable icons of Ireland hugging her finger at all times. This bride shares a tender admiration for this country with her significant other. Upon visiting this couples home friends and family will notice tributes to a rich Irish heritage decorating walls and shelves and will feel welcomed by a cheery warmth.Additional Charges may apply for Stones over 1ct to cover customization costs. Please contact us for pricing.

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