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Claddagh Heart Emerald Set Ring



The Claddagh ring in yellow gold set with a large emerald. The emerald gives life to the heart. As all ShanOre products do this ring speaks quality. The crown the hands and the heart together form a design that goes back many centuries. The ring also comes in white gold.

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2.2 grams

Main Stone


The Claddagh speaks of honor love and nobility of character. It speaks of those virtues that have carried down through the ages and are meaningful in all times and places. In some Irish families the mother gives her daughter a ring like this when she comes of age and is ready to take her place in the community around her. It may be on the day she weds or it may be on the day she leaves for school. Because of what it represents rings like this have been used as engagement rings and even as wedding bands.

For the one who wears it

The Claddagh is special. The classic design is timeless. The ring serves as a reminder to the one who wears it as well as to those around her that life is worth living with grace and honor and that there are important things beyond the daily getting and spending that are of far more value.

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