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Claddagh Mount only 14k yellow and white gold for round cut diamond

SKU: 14M1S4 Mount Only


A set of Claddagh shoulders is the feature that distinguishes this mount from others in the ShanOre collection. Hands reach out from the six-prong setting in elongated grace and grasp simple crowned hearts accents that shine in 14 karat white gold against the 14 karat yellow gold band. Once a young man has selected the perfect round-cut diamond for his unsuspecting bride-to-be he may order this mount in either the two-tone combination or entirely 14 karat white gold to complete the design. All he needs to do is indicate the dimensions of the stone to ShanOres experts.

Please note:  That this is the mount for the ring only. The stone is not included.

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The Story

The meaning of the Irish Claddagh came into being over three centuries ago. Well before the 1700s however, in Roman times rings in the shape of clasping hands represented a vow of faith between two individuals. Today one wears the bottom of the Claddagh heart pointed outward if he or she is open to love and pointed inward if he or she is already committed to someone special. The Claddagh carvings that adorn this ring extending left and right signal the diamond as the central symbol and reinforce the end of a woman’s journey to find her life partner.


Someone who appreciates subtlety in her jewelry would wear this mount to showcase the brilliant stone from her beloved. From afar the Claddagh shoulders may give the illusion of a gift bow tied around the diamond. Surveying the ring up close one discovers the understated etchings of love loyalty and friendship. Additional charges may apply for Stones over 1ct to cover customization costs. Please contact us for pricing.

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