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Claddagh Silver Cross with Gold Plate Heart



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2.8 grams


32 mm



For hundreds of years Celtic crosses have inspires designers and artists. Shanore’s award winning creative team have endeavored to revive these beautiful symbols and present them to you in attractive silver crosses. This cross is exquisitely crafted in Sterling silver with a cleverly embedded Claddagh symbol at the center. The claddagh holds a radiant 14K gold plated heart.

Spiritual Unity

Celtic crosses like many Celtic symbols hold an array of meanings and interpretations. One common interpretation is that the cross acts as a spiritual compass holding the wearers spiritual destination as the north of the compass. The spiritual north is commonly thought of the be at the center of the cross the meeting place of all the arms in this case it is the traditional Claddagh symbol.

Divine Love

This piece of jewelry can be interpreted in a unique way due to the construction of the symbols. In Celtic artwork circles are usually a symbol of spiritual unity which are often paired with crosses which are another symbol of spiritual activity. With a Claddagh placed a mid these two it would not be odd to find this symbol could represent a person seeking or attaining a unity in their love and spiritual life.

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