Claddagh solitaire diamond 14k white gold engagement ring round cut

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ShanOre artists have given an Irish boost to the traditional diamond engagement ring. Claddagh shoulders extend from the six-prong setting adding cultural character to this declaration of life-long commitment by a gentleman to his beloved. The prominent heart of the Claddagh design on each side is a reminder of the romance that keeps the couple together. The husband-to-be may select the perfect gemstone for this mount available in either 14 karat white or yellow gold.

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3.5 grams

Diamond Cut


The Claddagh’s Claim

People of all nationalities enjoy wearing the Claddagh symbol to advertise their lots in love. When worn with the bottom of the heart pointed inward the ring communicates the wearer’s dedication to someone special when worn with the bottom of the heart pointed outward the ring expresses the wearer’s openness to finding a partner. The hands of the design represent friendship the heart love and the crown loyalty.

A Double Pledge

A shining cheerful energy along with a deliberate message emanates from this fine engagement ring. For the potential bride who wears it one of the most universally-recognized icons of Irish history is integral to her identity as a woman and as a wife. She understands that love is not enough to uphold a successful marriage as partners in life need to embrace one another with trust compassion and dedication. She asserts that one of these decorative Claddagh symbols stands for her devotion to her partner the other stands for his devotion to her. This ring tells her loud and clear that her significant other takes his pledge to her very seriously.

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