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Claddagh Sterling Silver Gold Plate Heart Necklace

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This captivating Celtic Claddagh Pendant presents the traditional Irish symbol of love in an elegant and enticing design. The arms of the Claddagh are crafted in a glimmering sterling silver only lending to the polished 14K gold plated heart at the center and the diamond studded crown of the Claddagh.

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3.2 grams

Chain Included

18" Sterling Silver Belcher

Chain Catch

Bolt Ring Catch

An Everlasting Commitment

It is said that the first Claddagh symbol was crafted long ago by an Irish fisherman from the town of Galway. This fisherman was kidnapped by pirates and sold into slavery taken away from the woman he loved. He became a slave to a goldsmith and forced to work there. It was there that he created the first Claddagh as a symbol for his affection to his woman. In 1689 when the release of the slaves was ordered he gained his freedom and used his creation as a wedding ring.

A Romantic Expression

Claddagh rings today are still a genuine symbol of affection and one of Ireland’s signature motifs. Claddaghs are found on all different types of Celtic artwork such as crosses rings pendants and earrings. Today’s designers honor the past by spending years learning the engraving techniques of Celtic symbols. To wear a Claddagh is to truly be apart of Irish history and tradition.

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