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Claddagh Sterling Silver Ring with Real 10K Gold Heart



Sterling Sliver hands carefully clasp a 10 karat gold heart in this sophisticated rendition of the Claddagh. Exquisitely detailed the ring contains the three components of the famous Irish symbol with a polished grace.

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Gleaming silver hands encircle the pool of flawless gold each finger intricately etched into the silver. The crown of loyalty arches beautifully on top of the two. The inner ring engraved with the three words that encompass the Claddagh Love Loyalty and friendship.

Love. Loyalty. Friendship.

The three vital components for an enduring love are encased in this centuries-old Irish emblem. A pure 10 Karat gold heart floats at the center symbolizing the precious love offered up in a relationship. Silver hands protectively hold the heart in a sign of friendship trust and acceptance. Finally a classical crown binds the two in loyalty pledging a dedication to the shared life and love. The Claddagh symbol has survived for decades as the symbol of the best love has to offer.

The careful embrace of the Claddagh ring is the perfect reminder of unfading devotion. The moment it is slid onto a finger the ring provides a solid expression of friendship and love. Whether worn daily or on special occasions the Claddagh ring can be paired with any circumstance. This ring is perfect for those seeking the quiet reminder of love and who would take strength from seeing the words imprinted on the inside of the ring.

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