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Claddagh Wedding Ring Gents with Celtic Knotwork

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After finding the perfect ring for the lady you must find the ring for the gent. This 14 karat white gold wedding band for gents is the answer to that search. Delicately and carefully handcrafted with both the Claddagh and Celtic knot design it is the perfect find for any Irish gent on his wedding day.

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8.6 grams

To Last a Lifetime

When wedding vows are offered and taken your partner can count on them for a lifetime. But life is not always easy and everyone needs reminders of what is important. Thats why the jewelers at Shanore choose over and over again to place the Claddagh on wedding bands. The hands of friendship the heart of love and the crown of loyalty will be just a glance away to recall the love that brought the ring to the gents hand in the first place.

Quality Decoration

In marriage we seek to find a quality partner- someone who shares our interests and values-someone who is true to their word. And your wedding band should be the same. At Shanore we put intensive care and attention into the making of every wedding ring down to the very last detail of the Claddaghs crown tips. With the assurance that your ring was made by hand and not by a machine you will now youve found the one.

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