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Diamond Set Shamrock Triangle

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A sterling silver open work triangle bead with a shamrock on the two faces of the triangle and Celtic knot-work around the top and bottom. It stands eleven mm across and eleven high. This bead could be added to our Tara’s Diary charm bracelet. For those who like to collect beads and string their own necklaces or for those who would like to add something unique to a charm bracelet ShanOre has made an outstanding addition.

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1.6 grams


True calling a shamrock a clover leaf appears to take the magic out of the plant bringing it down to the mundane. Clover grows everywhere doesn’t it It is a basic and simple plant. Farmers know that when the clover grows well their cattle are fat and healthy and give good milk. Clover enriches the ground for the next crop. Herbalists know the clover plant to be healing for people so it is a sign of good luck. With all the rain that Ireland gets their clover grows lush and green. It is a wonderful symbol for a wonderful county.

For the woman who wears it

Whether you are Irish or whether you simply love Irish things ShanOres shamrock bead is a beautiful addition to anyones jewelry collection calling to mind the things you hold dear to your heart.

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