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Double Sided Celtic Silver Cross



Nothing is more indicative of the Irish Christianity than the Irish standing cross. It is truly a unique symbol of either your faith or your appreciation of Irish culture so why shouldn’t you have a gorgeously authentic cross of your own.

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3.3 grams

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18" Sterling Silver Belcher

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About this piece

Crafted of sterling silver this beautiful pendant depicts the standing cross so famous in Ireland. Adorning the four arms of the cross and the halo are beautifully crafted Celtic knots just as they were found in many of the standing crosses of Ireland. This cross is double sided so no matter which side it is viewed from the same beauty and uniqueness shine forth.

A Long Standing Tradition

The high cross (or standing cross) is a uniquely Irish tradition from the middle ages. These crosses are free standing ornately carved crosses of stone that were erected all through out Ireland in celebration of their faith. The circle around the intersection of the cross is said to represent the rising sun- a blending of Christian and Pagan symbols to create the uniquely gorgeous symbol famous today.

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