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Dublin Castle Bead

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Though the wearer of this bead might not be able to visit Ireland for the time being she can certainly feel the presence of the country’s landscape and history with this miniature monument to Dublin’s castles. ShanOre’s craftsmen have built this sterling silver structure complete with stones turrets and arched doorway. This piece will stand up and out on the owner’s Tara’s Diary bracelet amongst the other charms setting a mood of medieval mystery.

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The Influence of Irish Castles

Castles built in medieval Ireland were meant to create an intimidating aura both to the country’s citizens and possible invaders. They provided havens for noble families and strategic positioning for the nation’s leaders during times of warfare. Impenetrably strong these castles were expensive and time-consuming to design and construct but the results were awe-inspiring. Their survival to this day testifies to their importance in Irelands political and military history. When people visit Ireland these days they can plan entire day trips around explorations of countless castles some of which have been transformed into resorts and many of which offer tours. Dublin Castle in particular which is situated on the original site of the black (dubh) pool that gave Dublin its name hosts government officials and high-profile business executives when they come to collaborate.

Strong-Willed Walls

In adopting this charm to wear on the bracelet that advertises the most memorable places people and events in her life a woman reveals an unusually complex understanding of Irelands past. She might be a history buff constantly reading up on Irish milestones and traditions. She might wonder what it was like to live in a volatile yet romantic time period in this country an era of kings knights and ladies chivalry and prowess. She might have enjoyed as a child imagining entire lives at work and play within the walls of her dollhouse wanting now to recreate that sense of curiosity as an adult. In any case by donning this charm she is expressing her affiliation with a confident independent nation.

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