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Emerald Set Celtic Knot Design Cross



This sterling silver pendant combines two hallmarks of Ireland the Celtic knot and the Celtic cross. Five emerald-like stones accent the pendant and gold plated rings encircle these gems emphasizing their Kelly green hues. The detail in the knots that wind and reverberate outward from center of the cross speaks to the deft hand of ShanOre craftsmen.

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Main Stone


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36 mm


19 mm

Enduring Stories of the Cross and the Knot

Various interpretations of the Celtic cross abound. In religious history the circle indicated the continuous nature of God’s love and the cross served as a reminder of the sacrifice that Christ underwent in order to ensure that love for all believers. A popular legend credits St. Patrick with placing a circle a symbol for the moon over the Christian cross when he was spreading the word of God to pagans in the fifth century. Now any individual can assign personal meaning to this shape and use it ornamentally. The Celtic knot also finds its roots in the Christian faith system as the three corners of the symbol once represented the three elements of the Holy Trinity. While many people still view the knot this way others think of the interconnected loops as reminders of life’s eternally flowing and changing properties.

Bold Pursuits

The intense style of this pendant is not for the faint of spirit. ShanOre designers have left no spot on the cross unadorned. If she wants this piece to reflect her identity the wearer should be someone who can barely contain her energy from day to day who is constantly radiating enthusiasm and determination and who believes that consistent hard work realizes even the loftiest of dreams. The center stone of the pendant represents her concentration on her goals the core from which all of her endeavors flourish. There is nothing shy about this woman or the cross she wears on her heart.

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