Five Stone Diamond set Celtic I Love You eternity styled Ring | ShanOre

Five Stone Diamond set Celtic I Love You eternity styled Ring



ShanOre has made a beautiful eternity ring with five diamonds set around the white gold band and a Celtic knot at each end to complete the setting. This ring is also made in yellow gold. I love you is printed around the side of the band.

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2.1 grams

Diamond Carat


Diamond Color

I – J

Diamond Clarity



The Celtic Knot with its intertwining lines that could begin and end at any point and circle round and over and under itself in beautiful geometric patterns symbolize love that never ends. Or it can illustrate the binding together of two souls. Gorgeous examples of Celtic knots appear in the Book of Kells dating back to the Eighth Century.Concentric patterns of lines woven back and forth are ancient and common to many cultures. The Irish may have perfected this design work as an art form. The knots on this ring are simple loops going over and under symbolize the pairing and entwining of two lives.

The Woman who wears it

Whether this ring is meant to be a wedding band worn on formal occasions or is given to commemorate a special event such as an anniversary or the birth of a child it indicates the promise of love everlasting.

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