Gold 10 Karat Celtic Cross | Irish Jewelry Design by ShanOre Irish Jewlery

Gold 10 Karat Celtic Cross

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Crosses are some of the most famous and distinctive necklaces to wear and they can come in every imaginable style- from the simple to the gorgeously ornate. For the lover of Irish design this 10K cross is a perfect addition to any collection. If the traditional luster of yellow gold is too bright for your ornamentation the softer subtler gold of this cross will be perfect. Embossed with gorgeous Celtic designs this necklace truly hearkens back to the traditional designs of ancient Ireland.

A Long Standing Tradition

The high cross (or standing cross) is a uniquely Irish tradition from the middle ages. These crosses are free standing ornately carved crosses of stone that were erected all through out Ireland in celebration of their faith. The circle around the intersection of the cross is said to represent the rising sun- a blending of Christian and Pagan symbols to create the uniquely gorgeous symbol famous today.

A Subtle Symbol

It isn’t always necessary to wear your heart on your sleeve or demand all eyes focus on your religion to have it be true and meaningful. This cross carries all of the subtle beauty of personal revelation.

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