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Infinity Bead Encrusted With Crystal

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A stunning work of craftsmanship the Sterling Silver Fisherman’s Knot charm truly makes a statement. The sterling silver band transforms into a Fisherman’s knot embellished crystal and displays the beautifully woven design that draws inspiration from the ropes traditionally used.

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In days gone by when a sailor was missing his love while at sea he would take two ropes and would tie them together with overhand knots. He would leave it loose however and send it home to his true love. If she felt the same about him she would tighten the knot into an unbreakable bond and keep it in anticipation of his return. The Fisherman’s knot is also known for its special way that it grows stronger the more stress that is placed on it making it a popular sign for overcoming adversity.

The Sterling Silver Fisherman’s Knot charm can serve as a symbol of the true love you share with another or of the way you have conquered difficult situations in your life emerging stronger on the other side. The symbolic yet fashionable design makes it a great signature accessory.

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