Keep The Faith Silver Pendant Encrusted With White Swarovski Crystal



From a stunning teardrop frame in sterling silver hangs a brilliant white Swarovski crystals encrusted Trinity Knot cross. The upper right part of the pendant is also embellished with shining white crystals while the upper left part is engraved in lovely script Keep the Faith. The body of the pendant extends into a perfectly smooth finish for a soft yet elegant look.

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4.4 grams

Main Stone

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Trinity Knot Details

Dazzling white crystals suggest purity clarity and peacefulness. These sparkling adornments strengthen the beauty and meaning that exudes from the Trinity Knot pendant and overall design of this incredible piece. Trinity Knots as featured on the cross are a three-pointed figure made of an unbroken intertwining line. Each points may inspire its own meaning such as The Holy Trinity. The wearer may appreciate each of the details in this pendant and how they enhance the significance of the pendant’s message.

Keep The Faith

This incredible keepsake is the perfect reminder to Keep the Faith. Each significant addition to the design of this piece is a brilliant blend of Christian ideals and Celtic symbolism. This sterling silver crystals encrusted Trinity Knot Cross pendant is a true showpiece.