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Ladies 14K Celtic embossed pressure set Diamond Wedding ring

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The ring is made of 14 k yellow gold. It is the metal that has been used to make wedding rings since the earliest times. For people who are sensitive to certain metals gold is the easiest one to wear. The ring has one chaste diamond set in the center. On each side of the diamond are two triquetra or trinity knots. The ring also comes in white gold and Shanore makes a matching ring for the husband.

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3.1 grams

Diamond Carat


Diamond Color

I – J

Diamond Clarity


About this piece

The Celtic knot with its loops twisting around and over and under and with no apparent beginning or end symbolize eternity. One can trace the path of the knot much the way one traces the path of a mobius strip looping around and over and back to the beginning. The Trinity knot symbolizes the feminine powers of innocent youth mature middle age and wise old age. It also has the religious significance of three beings bound as one.

Wearing This Ring

The ring is at once understated and complex. In a world where everything is made cheaply with quality cut in order to maximize profit, you can count on Shanore to make jewelry that will appeal both to your grandmothers and your granddaughters.

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