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Ladies Diamond Wedding Ring with Trinity Knots

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This ladies wedding band handcrafted in 14 karat white gold owes its strong sophisticated look to channel-set diamonds and a recurring Trinity knot design. The symmetrical pattern of three-cornered knots and diamond triplets reinforces the significance of the number three in Irish culture. This ring also offers comfort fit which means that the inside of the band is domed with a gentle curve to guarantee easy wear.

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5.8 grams

Diamond Carat


Diamond Color

I – J

Diamond Clarity


Knowing the Trinity Knot

Not only does the Celtic Trinity knot summon associations with Ireland’s Christian past but it also reiterates the eternal nature of true love between two individuals who have decided to spend their lives together. The unbroken loops of this shape entwine to form a triad of meanings. Originally the three points of the knot or Triquetra indicated the Father Son and Holy Spirit. As time has progressed more contemporary definitions such as Love Protection and Honor have replaced this religious symbolism.

Beauty to Rely On

A woman who prefers the reassurance of patterns and consistency will wear this wedding band as a stunning example of her dependable character and her dedication to the covenant of marriage. From afar the rings compact design with its variety of shapes the triangles of the Trinity knots the straight lines of the knots trim and the circles of the diamond accents creates a neat confident effect. Up close the rings exquisite features attract even the most traditional of tastes. This band could stand alone to represent a partnership that was meant to be or it could complement an engagement ring that boasts a lovely round-cut diamond.

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