Large Celtic Stone Set Trinity Knot Silver Cross

Large Celtic Stone Set Trinity Knot Silver Cross



A classic of Celtic tradition and steeped with symbolism this prominent sterling silver pendant features a large Celtic cross with artfully adorned trinity knots and inlaid stones.

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Symbol of Faith

The unmistakable Celtic cross dates back to as early as the 8th century and ancient examples can be found dotting the hills and churchyards of Ireland even today. The symbol has maintained its significance through the ages and today represents the Celtic tradition and faith for those who wear it. The intricate detail of the Trinity Knot references the Holy Trinity of the Father Son and Holy Spirit and is also used to represent the trinity of other interconnected things in life such as the interplay of earth wind and fire or of love honor and protection in a relationship.

Celtic Pride

The stunning necklace is designed to be worn by someone who takes pride in her Celtic heritage or has a deep respect for the rich culture and faith. With its fine detail and craftsmanship it will serve as a statement piece when paired with a fitted shirt or v-neck wrap dress.

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