Round Silver Halo Pendant Adorned With Sapphire and White Swarovski Crystals



Awe inspiring beauty exudes from the dark blue crystal pendant framed with sparkling white crystals from Swarovski. This stunning piece set in a round pendant of Sterling Silver showcases incredible design and effortless elegance.

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Blue and White Crystals

White crystals are often recognized for their symbolic suggestion of purity innocence and clarity. In this keepsake pendant the dazzling gemstones are set in brilliant sterling silver framing an incredibly attractive dark blue crystal. The blue crystal is more than just appealing and breathtakingly beautiful it is also meaningful.Dark blue crystals inspire confidence guidance and faithfulness. Bearing this beautiful pendant may draw positive energy to the wearer with its attraction to sincerity and order.

Make a Set

Wear this piece alone or match it with Shanore Ireland’s Signature 925 Collection dark blue crystal colored stud earrings with white crystal embellishments for a complete look. However the wearer chooses to showcase this show-stopping piece they will take pride in its fine details careful craftsmanship and glamorous appeal.