Seahorse Pearl Silver Pendant Adorned With White Swarovski Crystal



A darling and unique seahorse pendant crafted from sterling silver and encrusted with dazzling white Swarovski crystals dangles alongside a solitary white Pearl from Swarovski.

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This special dual-pendant keepsake necklace is a marked beauty with its clear ocean influence and mystical inspiration. The fine craftsmanship from The Ocean Collection by Shanore Ireland presents itself in the detailing of the seahorse with special attention to the Swarovski crystals at the center of the fascinating sea creature. Seahorse and PearlThe pearl is a most magnificent natural gift from the ocean. The milky white iridescent bead that forms naturally from the sea is a symbol of purity rarity and unique impressive beauty. It is paired with the sterling silver seahorse a harmonious member of sea life who evokes a sense of serenity and captures the mystic properties of the ocean with its intelligence and design.

Graceful Elegance

The dual-pendant keepsake featuring a brilliantly adorned seahorse with Swarovski crystals and a Swarovski pearl dangling side by side is a graceful and elegant way to showcase the magic of the ocean and its incredible powers of beauty and mysticism. The wearer may take pride in knowing the intense connection between the craftsmanship of Shanore Ireland and the inspiration from our vast and incredible oceans.