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Shamrock Bracelet Adorned With Crystals



An iconic symbol with a fashionable twist this shamrock bracelet draws focus to the three leafed clover which is dazzling with crystals and suspended by a sterling silver chain.

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7" – 8.5" Inches


2 grams

Main Stone

Main Stone Dimensions


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St. Patrick

The shamrock is one of the most highly associated symbols of Ireland thanks to its heavy presence across the landscape and its use by many organizations with Irish ties. It grew in popularity thanks to legend that St. Patrick used the shamrock to illustrate part of the Christian doctrine during his teaching thanks to the fact that it was very common. St. Patrick stated that the three leaves of the shamrock signified the Holy Trinity of the Father Son and Holy Spirit. He pointed out that each of the three parts were independent of one another yet together made up the complete being.

Gift For Any Occasion

This playful design made even more beautiful by the white crystals is the perfect gift for the person in your life who appreciates their Irish heritage. The bracelet will look remarkable with a short sleeved top or sundress.

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