Shamrock Silver Crystal Charm
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Shamrock Silver Crystal Charm


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This adorable charm is the perfect way to add a bit of movement and sparkle to any charm bracelet. Crafted of sterling silver this charm is in the shape of a bauble which dangles from a lobster clasp chain. The ball is set with dozens of tiny sparkling crystals and several Kelly green enamel shamrock symbols.

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A Bit O’ Luck on Your Wrist

So popular is the shamrock that it was made national symbol of Ireland. They myth of the Shamrock- “little clover” in Gaelic- starts with St. Patrick who used the three leaves of the Shamrock to explain the relation of the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost. Since that time the Shamrock has appeared in family crests coins songs and maps. Over time the meaning of the three leafed clover has evolved from a religious symbol to a general icon of Ireland and good luck charm.

The Luck of the Irish

Need a bit of luck in your life Something to add some sparkle and verve This shamrock charm is perfect for you The shamrocks will attract the luck and the crystals will attract the looks to your beautiful bracelet.

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