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Silver Abalone Turtle Pendant Adorned With White Crystals



Colorful hues of the abalone shell bring life to The Ocean Collection by Shanore Ireland’s sterling silver turtle pendant.

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Abalone Turtle Shell

The symbolic and fascinating sea creature is emblazoned with brilliant white crystals along the legs and tail adding elegance to the meaningful keepsake.
The abalone shell is artistically crafted with mosaic-influenced construction. Five pieces of abalone shell make up the back of the turtle shell set in gleaming sterling silver framework. The turtle is a beautiful sea creature that evokes calm healing energy strength and protection. The turtle is revered for its significance in lore where it is said that the amazing creature brought land above water by using its strong turtle shell. The head legs and tail of the turtle are embellished with bright white crystal s. White crystals symbolize purity and clarity. Paired with the symbolic and important turtle they truly bring positive energy to the wearer.

Homage to the Ocean

This incredible memento marks the importance of the turtle honors the ocean and its sea life and brings the mystical positive energy of the vast salt-water life to a dazzling keepsake. The wearer may take special attention to the fine details careful craftsmanship and thoughtful design.

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