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Silver Celtic Intricate Design Earrings

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These retro sterling silver earrings present a beautiful Celtic design pattern displaying a collection of the traditional Triquetra symbols in a meticulously crafted manner. The Triquetra is formed of several Triquetra’s interlaced within each other with the top most tip forming a loop for the earring attacher.

The Spiritual Trinity

The Triquetra knot is the most common of the Celtic knot patterns offering a variety of meanings. This motif is found alongside solar and lunar symbols in ancient remnants and archeological digs. This leads us to believe that the ancient Celtic druids associated this with the lunar or solar phases. The Celts honored a lunar goddess which they called the Great Mother who they saw as having three personifications the three lunar phases and faces of the goddess.

A Myriad of Symbolism

The Triquetra can hold a variety of meanings and it is ultimately up to the viewer to find a suitable representation making this symbol a lovely and personal gift for anybody. When viewing a Triquetra you cannot see an end nor a beginning this is used to represent infinite and eternity. This design makes this interpretation much more prominent displaying an array of the motif amidst itself.

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