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Silver Celtic Swirl Earrings Encrusted With White Crystal



These eye-catching sterling silver earrings take the Celtic Swirl design to the next level with shining white crystals.

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Design and Tradition

The Celtic Swirl design fashioned in these beautiful show-stopping earrings are crafted in smooth sleek detail. The traditional insignia’s three points each join the crystals encrusted sterling silver ring that encircles it seamlessly. The stylish construction allows for a unique and charming appearance. The Celtic swirl itself is a symbol derived from traditional Celtic culture as found in Newgrange. The swirl design is inspired by a Triple Spiral or Hollow Triskelion. These designs were originally discovered in monolith carvings at this historically important Celtic site of art and culture.


Each of the three points similarly to the Trinity Knot symbols and the Triquetra are meant to symbolize three interconnecting ideas of equal importance. Ranging from the three physical worlds land sea and sky to the most Holy Trinity. Whichever meaning you derive from the stunning Sterling Silver Celtic Swirl Earrings encrusted with white crystals this addition to your jewelry armoire is sure to hold a beautiful importance.

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