Silver Circle Earrings Embellished With White Swarovski Crystal



Elegant dangle earrings are both artful and unique due to their careful and thoughtful craftsmanship.

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Sterling silver bar pendants are encrusted with brilliant white crystals from Swarovski. A bar the length of four crystals supports a full-length bar which supports a large beaming white crystal that captivates with allure and sophistication.

White Crystal Pathways

These earrings elevated in style and construction use linear design a plethora of meaningful white crystals and a large solitary crystal which shines like a beacon of light dangling from the bar pendants to invoke emotion and admiration. Each of the sparkling white crystals is intended to inspire in the wearer and all who behold its image a feeling of purity clarity and true beauty.Set on a straight bar the crystals may encourage positive guidance in the beholder and evoke strong emotions of positive energy.

Elegant Affair

Dazzling details and exquisite crystals make these double straight bar dangle earrings with white crystals from Swarovski a true showpiece. These earrings may be worn alone at the most elegant of affairs to turn heads and attention or may be paired with your favorite necklace selection from Shanore Ireland’s Signature 925 Collection.