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Silver Claddagh intertwining Design



Symbolizing the essence of true love this sterling silver Claddagh ring is an exquisite piece of craft. The ring shines in sterling silver while it has an intertwining Celtic knot design that completes the design. The ring combines the concepts of Claddagh and Celtic knots into one symbolizing the endless nature of human spirit and love.

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1.8 grams

The Influential Power of Claddagh

Symbolizing the power of true love loyalty and friendship Claddagh has remained one of the most popular signature motifs of Ireland for many centuries. The symbol elaborates the true meaning of love and trust and stands for the deep bond that people share in each other. This romantic symbol has always been associated with pure love and endless nature of human spirit and friendship. This symbol has also been associated with commitments and faithfulness and used in various traditional events happening across Ireland.

Gift a Tradition

Claddagh rings still remain a vital expression of romance and commitment and this sterling silver ring with Celtic intertwining knots is a must buy since it combines two different concepts together in a single ring.

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