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Silver Claddagh stone set bracelet



Slight and feminine this sterling silver bracelet at once exudes a retro flair and a modern delicateness. Two confident hands grasp an emerald-like heart-shaped stone surrounded in sparkling CZs and a studded crown gives the design a royal touch creating the well-recognized Claddagh design. The slender chain feels light and cool on the owners wrist.

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7.75 Inches


4.7 grams

Main Stone

Other Stones

Cubic Zirconia

Main Stone Dimensions

4mm x 4mm

Main Stone Shape


Other Stone Dimensions

1.5mm x 1.5mm

Chasing the Claddagh Legend

The Claddagh ring comes from a type of accessory called a fede ring meaning faith ring. Since as early as Roman times the icon of a clasped pair of hands has represented loyalty. Some believe that the ancient Celts initiated meaning of the different features the crown refers to the mythical concept of Beathauile which means all of life the right hand of the Claddagh symbolizes Dagda father of the Celtic gods the left hand conjures the spirit of Anu who was the universal mother of the Celts. Most people who wear the Claddagh believe in the hands as a sign of friendship the heart as love and the crown as fidelity.

The Sweet Powers of Green

The green stone of this Claddagh glows with the powers of the emerald which was the sacred stone of Venus the goddess of love. This gem seems to possess a tranquilizing effect. It can soothe and enlighten a conflicted mind and expands its strength during springtime the season of rebirth and renewal. The woman who wears this bracelet could have been born in May. Or she could simply appreciate the color that signifies affiliation with and affection for Ireland. In either case she is buoyant with a joy for life and approaches her responsibilities and relationships with utmost gratefulness and positivity. This bracelet helps to illuminate her sweet giving disposition.

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